• Fractures and/or dislocations of the hand/wrist

    You can sustained fractures of the hand/wrist or dislocations of the joint if you sustained a fall on your hand or received a bad knock on the hand or wrist. Your hand will typically be painful, swollen and could be deformed. Movement of the fingers or wrist may be limited by pain. An open (compound) fracture occurs when the fracture is exposed through a wound on the skin. There is an increased risk of infection with open fractures
  • Chronic regional pain syndrome

  • Tendon injuries and adhesions

  • Volkmann contracture

  • Dupuytren contracture

  • Trigger finger

  • Nerve injury

  • Arthritis of the hand

    Hand arthritis is a common condition. In majority, it is due to degenerative changes to the joint cartilage and “wear and tear” process (primary osteoarthritis). Sometimes the joint can be injured from previous trauma or fracture (traumatic osteoarthritis) . You can experience stiffness of the affected joints. These joints can be painful. Swelling and lumps can appear at the joint from the increased joint fluid (effusion) or from the bone spurs along the margin of the joint. In severe cases, the fingers and wrist can be deformed and some of the hand functions can be impaired.
  • Gout