Our hand therapists work hand-in-hand with the hand surgeons to provide essential pre and post operative therapy to help each patient recuperate and regain flexibility, strength and movement.

For those patients seeking non-surgical treatment, our hand therapists provide a range of modern therapies, exercises and treatments to help reduce pain, regain movement, and build flexibility and strength to restore hand function.

Our treatment services include:

  • full assessments of hand function
  • sensory testing
  • muscle testing
  • grip strength evaluation
  • sensory re-education
  • desensitisation
  • theurapeutic massage
  • tailored exercise programs
  • joint and tendon mobilisation
  • scar management
  • oedema control
  • splinting – resting splints, protective splints, exercise and mobilisation splints and working splints.

Frequent and regular feedback between our therapists and surgeons ensure your progress is closely monitored and any potential set-back prevented.