Following your treatment with us, you can obtain your medical reports for reimbursement, insurance claims, EPF and SOCSO withdrawal, and personal or other purposes from our hand surgeons.

We also provide medical disability assessment for anyone with impairment sustained from any injuries.

For a more detailed report on your conditions and disability, you are advised to request for a Specialist Report. This type of reports is used commonly in disability and compensation claims. Our hand surgeons are certified medical impairment assessors and are highly experienced with various hand and upper limb injuries and impairment. You will be thoroughly assessed and if necessary, further imaging will be performed to help determine and quantify the degree of injury and disability sustained by you. A comprehensive written report supplemented with photos deatiling your injury, disability and prognosis of recovery will be given to you.

  • Insurance related reports

    1. Hospitalization and Outpatient Claim Form / Personal Accident (PA) Form
      • You can get the form from your insurance company or agent
      • You will then need to complete Part 1 (patient’s part) of the Form. It is particularly important with PA form especially the section pertaining to history and nature of injury
      • Your surgeon will then complete the Part 2 (doctor’s section) of the Form.
      • You can submit the form after completing your visit to the Outpatient clinic or discharge from the ward.
    2. Attending Physician Statement (APS) / Medical Attendance Rpeort (MAR) / Questionnaire
      • APS/MAR is a form/letter issued by the insurance company to obtain historical medical information of a patient who has an intention to purchase or renew an insurance policy.
      • Questionnaire is a set of questions raised by the insurance company to obtain information pertaining to a specific disease/condition of a patient such as nerve injury, previous elbow injury, congenital conditions etc.
      • When applying for this report, you are advised to state the name of the attending doctor that you would like him to complete the report and the date of visit or admission on the form or in your request letter.
      • Your attending doctor shall then complete this report in the standard form or in a free text format.
  • EPF Report (for withdrawal of EPF savings)

    • You can get the form from EPF office
    • Other family members (wife, children, siblings and etc) can request the EPF report on your behalf, only if they are authorise by you in writing
  • SOCSO Reports

    • You are advised to liaise with SOCSO office pertaining to the type of withdrawal and the necessary form(s) for the application.
    • Alternatively you may request a free text report from SDMC SJ for this purpose.
  • Specialist Reports

    • This is a detailed report of your injuries and current impairment.
    • Our surgeons will need to take a comprehensive history and examine you thoroughly
    • During your consultation, you are required to bring all previous medical reports pertaining to the injury.You should also bring together any imaging available to you such as X-rays and MRI films.
    • If necessary, further imaging or blood investigation will be performed.