Going Home Escort

If you will be returning home on your day of surgery or later, you must have a responsible escort to take you home.We recommend that you arrange this prior to admission.

Before Discharge

For easier discharge, we suggest the following:

  • Talk with your physician regarding
    • medications
    • follow-up appointments
    • medical certificates (MCs)
    • do’s and don’ts and other guidelines related to your recovery
  • Pack your personal items the day before your discharge.
  • Check closets, drawers, and other storage areas for all your belongings

What to do after discharge

  • Follow-up appointment:

Make sure you go to your scheduled follow up appointment at your surgeon’s office.

  • Activity

Take things slowly until your surgeon says you may resume your usual routine.

  • Exercises and therapy after surgery

Follow the surgeon instruction regarding the exercise or movement to perform to avoid stiffness and swelling of the operated limbs.

  • Elevate the operated limb

Keep your operated hand elevated above the heart level to prevent swelling

Place your hand on pillows when you sleep

  • Diet

No food restriction unless you are allergic to the food

Take a balanced diet and lots of fluid

Avoid alcohol and smoking

  • Wound care and dressing

Follow your surgeon’s instruction on change of wound dressing

Keep the wound dressing clean and dry.

Avoid wetting the dressing in the shower or during bathing.

Common concerns after surgery

Swelling is expected following surgery. Reducing swelling helps speed recovery and will decrease pain. Elevation, bandaging and fingers motion help reduce swelling.

Infection is always a concern. Please contact the surgeon’s office if:

  • You have a fever
  • You have an increase in pain that is not controlled by your pain medication
  • Your wound becomes red, swollen or starts to drain

Numbness or tingling or decreased sensation for several hours following surgery is often from local anesthesia used during the procedure.

Emergency contact

Should any difficulties arise after your discharge, call your surgeon’s office immediately. If your surgeon is not available, go directly to Emergency Department of the hospital.